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Why The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One

John speaks with business strategist and author Jenny Blake. She is the author of the book Pivot, and speaks about how to handle plateaus in life. She shares how you decide what your next move is and how to make the pivots to get yourself there. Source: Duct Tape RSS

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Creating a Winning SEO Strategy

John speaks with Brian Dean, SEO expert and founder of Backlinko. Dean shares the latest SEO tips, discusses the SEO approaches that work best for B2B and local businesses, and debunks some common SEO myths. Source: Duct Tape RSS

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The Secrets to Impactful Speaking

John sits down with Allison Shapira, founder and CEO of Global Public Speaking. They discuss her book, Speak With Impact, and she shares insights into how to give a powerful, compelling presentation. Source: Duct Tape RSS

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Creating Customers Who Are Loyal for Life

John chats with Sandy Rogers, co-author of Leading Loyalty, about the actionable steps businesses can take to create deeply loyal customers. Source: Duct Tape RSS

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Getting Salespeople and Prospects on the Same Side

John sits down with Ian Altman, B2B strategic consultant and author of Same Side Selling. They discuss why a major shift in the standard sales mentality is needed to better serve prospects and customers, and how to make that change within your business. Source: Duct Tape RSS

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How to Become a Digital Minimalist

John visits with Cal Newport, computer scientist and author of Digital Minimalism. They discuss our collective tech obsession, and what we can do to find a healthier balance between our phone usage and high-quality leisure activities. Source: Duct Tape RSS

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Why All Business Owners Should Become Authors

John sits down with Dan Janal, author of Write Your Book in a Flash, to discuss the benefits to any business owner of writing a book and the process for doing it. Source: Duct Tape RSS

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How to Give a Great Business Presentation

John speaks with Michael Port, founder and CEO of Heroic Public Speaking, about the keys to giving an effective speech that builds trust and generates leads for your business. Source: Duct Tape RSS

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Everything You Need to Know About Podcasting

John sits down with John Lee Dumas, host of the popular podcast EOFire, to talk about how he got his start in podcasting and how business owners can create their own show. Source: Duct Tape RSS

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How Reducing Friction Increases Revenue

John sits down with Roger Dooley to discuss his new book, Friction. They discuss the concepts of friction and organizational drag in business, and how to find and address issues of friction, even in an organization that’s resistant to change. Source: Duct Tape RSS

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