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A Small Business Guide to Local Marketing

The most accessible customers for your small business to get are the ones that are in your area, and local marketing helps you do just that. These strategies will help your business become discoverable online, helping to expand your customer base. Don’t Underestimate Web Design What your small business needs are a marketing-activated website. Your […]

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Social Media Presence

How to Optimize Your Social Media Presence

By now, your business or brand needs to have a social media presence – that’s where your current and potential customers are spending a good portion of their time. The bad news? All of your competitors are on social media, too, creating a ton of noise. To get your brand noticed, you need to have […]

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A Guide to Email Marketing

When it comes to using email marketing, the numbers don’t lie. For every $1 a business spends on email marketing, they’ll get back $38 in revenue. What other marketing strategies do you know of with that kind of ROI? Think about these stats, too: There are 3.9 billion daily email users. Mobile opens account for […]

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How to Create a Brand Name

Starting a business is only the beginning for entrepreneurs hoping to claim a stake in their corner of the industry. Building a brand is how that building remains sustainable, and that begins with the name they choose for their business. It’s not enough to create something that catches attention; the naming process should be better-researched […]

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Local Business Marketing Success In 2022

Now that the rush of the holiday shopping season is behind us, it’s time for small, local businesses to focus on targeting the customers in their communities. There are a handful of digital marketing moves for these brick-and-mortar stores to make that offer a big impact when it comes to increasing foot traffic. If you’re […]

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Developing a Small Business Marketing Budget

Many of the small businesses we work with are mystified by the idea of creating a small business marketing budget, and we understand why the task can be so daunting. It’s true now more than ever that businesses need to spend money to make money, but ROI is increasingly difficult to calculate.  Your business growth […]

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A Guide to Referral Programs

Would you be surprised to find out that word of mouth influences customer purchases about 83% of the time? Or that it’s directly responsible for 19% of sales? Knowing these numbers, would you then be even more surprised to find out that less than 1% of businesses reported having referral programs? It’s no longer enough […]

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The Small Business Mental Health Crisis

The Small Business Mental Health Crisis written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing No matter where you live in this world Sunday, Oct 10th was meant to be World Mental Health Day. The topic of mental health is getting a lot of chatter these days and of course, if you’re like me […]

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Storytelling and Content Marketing: The Connection

Long before brands and businesses were using social media, before there were newspaper ads or even billboards, people relied on storytelling to spread the word. Neighbors would talk to each other about the local shop on the corner, and those neighbors would tell family and friends, and so on. The better the story, the faster […]

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Learning About Lead Generation

You know the feeling: You’re in the middle of something important and all of a sudden your phone rings. The screen reads “possible spam” and you send it straight to voicemail, trying not to be too annoyed. With lead generation, you can get your customers’ attention without being that business that’s always spam-calling. Defining Your […]

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