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The Small Business Mental Health Crisis

The Small Business Mental Health Crisis written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing No matter where you live in this world Sunday, Oct 10th was meant to be World Mental Health Day. The topic of mental health is getting a lot of chatter these days and of course, if you’re like me […]

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Storytelling and Content Marketing: The Connection

Long before brands and businesses were using social media, before there were newspaper ads or even billboards, people relied on storytelling to spread the word. Neighbors would talk to each other about the local shop on the corner, and those neighbors would tell family and friends, and so on. The better the story, the faster […]

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Learning About Lead Generation

You know the feeling: You’re in the middle of something important and all of a sudden your phone rings. The screen reads “possible spam” and you send it straight to voicemail, trying not to be too annoyed. With lead generation, you can get your customers’ attention without being that business that’s always spam-calling. Defining Your […]

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A Guide to CRM

Do you have a customer relationship management tool in place for your business? They’ve been around a while, but it’s now more important than ever to streamline marketing, improve customer experience, and generate leads, among other great ways to grow your business. For those businesses that have been on the fence about adopting a CRM […]

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A Guide to Online Reviews

One of the challenges of online reviews is that happy customers tend to keep quiet and unhappy customers want to tell the world. The unfortunate result can be that your prospective customers end up seeing more of the bad than the good. Why else are online reviews so important for your local business? Online reviews are today’s […]

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A Small Business Guide to Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies aren’t new on the scene and blockchain technology has been adopted on many levels by larger enterprises for different processes. Until recently, however, cryptocurrencies (also called cryptos) weren’t something that small businesses could afford to accept or use — but that’s all changing with innovative tech tools that are cost-efficient and accessible regardless of […]

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Optimizing Your Content Marketing

There’s no way to have a robust and successful digital marketing campaign these days without having content that works to build your bottom line. In the most fundamental sense, the phrase “content marketing” covers the pieces of information you send to your digital audience to help educate them on your business or brand. Of course, […]

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Using Online Reviews to Boost SEO

One of the oldest and most effective marketing strategies in the book is word of mouth, and in 2021, it takes the form of online reviews. With consumers more digitally savvy than ever before and with such a wide array of products available with the click of a button, businesses who maintain a solid reputation […]

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NAP and EAT: Keys to Local SEO

There’s a reason customers notice some logos of their favorite brands almost immediately as they drive past these doors. It’s part of branding consistency, and it’s important to practice it online as much as it’s practiced offline. Using the same branding message and information across platforms helps build trust in your business and consumer loyalty. So […]

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Content Gap Analysis: A Guide

“Content is King” was a very popular marketing catchphrase 10+ years ago. In his book, Duct Tape Marketing, our friend and colleague John Jantsch disrupted that thinking with his insight that content is more like air. Every business needs content to thrive. Given how important content is to your marketing plan, it’s always smart to make […]

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