Cole Dalton
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“Review Mining”

Review Mining For Lead Generation More and more companies are beginning to understand that online reputation management is an important focus area to make sure that customers and prospective customers know, like, and trust their business. Besides the obvious benefit of authentic positive online reviews from real customers, search engines like Google also consider the quality […]

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Know What You Don’t Know

Last week on CNN’s “New Day”, Alisyn Camerota interviewed Aaron David Miller, former adviser to Democrat and Republican secretaries of state on the Middle East. He described this anecdote from early in his career: In 1982, I’m a young analyst at the Department of State following Lebanon and the Palestinians. The phone rings. It’s the […]

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What’s In My Toolbox?

The trade of marketing has changed a lot over the past few years. For me, it’s changed even more because I pivoted from a big brand B2C marketer to a B2B marketing consultant who helps small to mid-size companies. Main tools I used to use in B2C big brand marketing: Telephone.  To call the creative […]

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