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Small Business Marketing Strategies for 2023

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We’re almost at the end of 2022, and by now, it’s necessary to have a professional online presence. A website is where it starts, but leveraging small business marketing strategies you haven’t yet tried could help your business grow and thrive next year – and beyond.

Redesign Your Website

Web design includes more than just choosing key colors and using keywords. You need a website that will market your business for you. The goal is to ensure your website has high conversion rates and low bounce rates, increasing your bottom line. Unfortunately, suppose you are working with an SEO agency or a web designer. In that case, there’s a good chance that you’re not getting a marketing-activated website, which means you’re wasting your money.

Take Another Look at SEO

SEO, done well, can help your business expand its online presence and attract eager buyers for your products and services. Done poorly, it can do some severe damage to your online presence. You must have a strong profile in search results – period. If you want to enjoy more passive leads from the internet and more targeted traffic to your website, then you need a great SEO plan.

Invest In Paid Ads

Pay-per-click ads can be one of the most effective, affordable ways to get your phone ringing. Of course, as with any tactic that works well, you’re not the only company using PPC online ads. The competition means that small businesses can easily get lost in the crowd. No matter what form of internet advertising you use, it’s crucial that you use these strategies to your advantage. 

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Beef Up Your Content

Content marketing offers many benefits, but today there’s plenty of noise in the marketplace as more businesses crank out large amounts of content to increase their customer base and improve search engine rankings. If you don’t have the right content marketing strategy, your money and efforts could be wasted. Different forms of content reach different people, and a strategy that uses multiple formats works best. 

Check Out Your Reputation

All it takes is one bad review to tank your sales. Online reviews are today’s word-of-mouth marketing; if people see one bad review about your business, it’s often enough to keep them from becoming customers. It is possible to deal with the damage that comes with a bad review, but you have to know a bad review is there to deal with it effectively. Your business needs to invest in an innovative, efficient online reputation management approach that will make the most of your reputation and enhance your rankings and visibility in search engines.

Automate Your Email Marketing

If you’re finding success with email marketing, take it to the next level by investing in tools that automate your efforts. Look for email software with pre-made templates, automation settings, and integration with your website and other marketing software currently being used. However, remember that these tools aren’t hands-off, and you still need to be hands-on with the process unless you outsource some (or all) of these steps.

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Follow Up on Referrals

At its most fundamental level, referral programs are a marketing tactic that helps to encourage your customers to become amplifiers for your brand. However, this isn’t about getting just anyone to become a customer. A well-planned referral program targets those leads who are the best fit for your business, meaning they’re much more likely to convert. This makes your other marketing strategies much more effective with much higher ROI because the leads are warm.

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