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“Review Mining”

Review Mining For Lead Generation

More and more companies are beginning to understand that online reputation management is an important focus area to make sure that customers and prospective customers know, like, and trust their business. Besides the obvious benefit of authentic positive online reviews from real customers, search engines like Google also consider the quality and quantity of customer reviews in determining rank for their search results.

At my company, one of my fastest growing services is to help clients make sure they have the best online reputation possible.  I work with them to encourage their happy customers to post positive online reviews and try to intervene with any unhappy customers to resolve complaints before they turn into negative online reviews.

But online reviews can also create an opening to find new business leads.  I recently discovered such an opportunity to help a client “mine” their prospect’s Google Business listings for negative reviews that reveal the problems my clients’ solutions can solve.

My client is a growing telecom and data services company.  They design, source, install, and service telephone and data systems.  They also provide staff training for their customers to get the most from the advanced features of the phones.

A growing part of their business is with medical practices—particularly offices with several doctors working out of one location. These days, many businesses like hotels and restaurants are moving their customers to book reservations online through their desktop or mobile devices. However, medical patients, particularly older ones, still tend to want to talk to a real person in the office to describe their symptoms and book their appointments.

With increased pressure on the healthcare system in general, the administrative staff of many medical service providers is strained, to say the least. If the practice has an old or difficult to use phone system, it is very likely their patients are frustrated.  If they get really frustrated, they post negative reviews online about the doctor and/or the staff.

The telephone systems that my client sells are much more technologically advanced than systems from just a few years ago. The new systems are also easier to use, program, and relocate from office to office without rerouting the wiring. In other words, my clients’ telecom solution solves the doctor’s office problem of frustrated patients and staff.

Working together, we built a workflow for my clients’ sales team to identify medical practice prospects with a minimum number of practitioners, located in their service geography, with a lot of negative online reviews from their patients–particularly about the phone system.

They then take a screen grab of the negative reviews and highlight all of the comments relative to their phone system. This document then becomes the “door opener” email for my clients’ sales team to start a conversation with the doctors and staff about how they can help the office better serve patients with a better telecom system.  Oh, and by the way the right phone system will cut patient frustration and happier patients mean better patient reviews…

So, Review Mining has become a profitable generator of warm leads for my telecom services company client.  But with some creative thinking, the practice can apply to other goods and services companies, particularly in B2B.

  • If you sell janitorial services, mine reviews for new leads of restaurants with customer complaints about dirty restrooms.
  • If you sell B2B internal communication software, look on the employer review site for companies whose employees rate the company poorly on transparency and communication.
  • If you sell security systems, visit and look for buildings with low tenant ratings for safety.

Review Mining can be a powerful tool to identify prospects who are experiencing the problems your solutions can solve.

You just need to figure out where to look.