Cole Dalton
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What’s In My Toolbox?

The trade of marketing has changed a lot over the past few years. For me, it’s changed even more because I pivoted from a big brand B2C marketer to a B2B marketing consultant who helps small to mid-size companies.

Main tools I used to use in B2C big brand marketing:

  • Telephone.  To call the creative agency
  • Administrative Assistant. To schedule travel and manage my calendar
  • Computer. For email to make sure my bosses knew how busy I was
  • Camera. To take pictures on the sets of Super Bowl commercials.
  • Blackberry. Because it was the 2000’s

Some of the tools I use now to help small to mid-size business identify their ideal prospects, find their key differentiator, and build a total online presence to get customers to know, like, trust, try, like, buy, repeat, and refer them:

  • Duct Tape Marketing. A proven step-by-step process to establish a clear strategy followed by designing and implementing a marketing system.  Originally based on the 2007 book by John Jantsch, DTM has helped thousands of companies around the world.
  • WordPress. To build websites for my clients that convert prospects into customers
  • Hatchbuck CRM. Platform I use for my clients to deliver and track email campaigns that nurture prospects with content they want.
  • Google AdWords. Platform I manage for my clients to help customers find them in search
  • Google Developer Tools. To help determine if websites are “Google Friendly”
  • YouTube.  You know what YouTube is, but I have learned how to create channels, produce, edit, and upload videos that are optimized for search
  • Facebook Ad Manager. Facebook tool for marketers to create and display ads on Facebook that can be highly targeted
  • Adobe Illustrator. Graphic design software I use to adjust design elements and create content for my clients
  • Adobe Premiere. Video editing software I use to create impactful, professional videos that inform, educate, and/or entertain my clients customers and prospects
  • Camtasia.  Screen capture software I use to create instructional videos for my clients customers and prospects
  • Adobe Photoshop. Photo editing software to edit and improve the photos I take of my clients businesses and employees to enhance their websites and other marketing collateral
  • Apple hardware. iPhone, MacBook Pro, iMac, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and AirPods. (Dork!)
  • Subscription based video training service to learn how to do all of the above. ( was purchased last year by LinkedIn)

Working on the big brands was fun and exciting and I still miss hanging out on the sets of those Super Bowl Commercials. (Oh, those breakfast burritos!)

But now that I work with small to mid-size businesses its still a lot of fun and usually more rewarding.  Plus I now have a much bigger toolbox.