Tom Shipley is a great marketer who knows how to use all social media tools. He has had a wide variety of experiences on all levels of client size and scope. I worked with Tom at both Anheuser-Busch and Cole-Dalton and can attest to his skill and business building expertise.

Bob Lachky
President, RCL Group. Formerly EVP, Global Industry & Creative Development at Anheuser-Busch

“Five Stars”

Jeremy Salvatori
Building Manager, The Globe Building

Cole-Dalton's work is very insightful and comprehensive. They do a great job of listening and then coming back with the unbiased data of your company's performance. You actually get to learn first, before you have to make decisions.

John Dolan
President & CEO at Presence Form Innovation / Jahabow

I highly recommend Cole-Dalton Marketing Services.
Very comprehensive solutions and Tom knows this business inside and out.

Michael Leigh
President, Cadence Technology Services

I've collaborated with Cole-Dalton and Tom Shipley several times. He is a truly smart marketer, with a deep understanding of how to create and implement integrated digital campaigns that deliver great results.

Amanda Aschinger CEO
CEO, Co-Founder Solstice Productions

Easy to work with, along with exceptional results. Highly recommended.

Denis Benden
President, Benco Industrial Equipment

Tom is a strategic thinker and outstanding problem solver. I've had the privilege of working with him for over 15 years and would recommend Tom in all capacities and areas of business management. He is an exceptional leader and would be an incredible asset to any business team. Tom Shipley is a must for your next business challenge.

Chase McKeague
Principal at Chase and Company. Formerly Chairman of NSI/Ansira