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...don't love to do marketing, but know they need to. 

Have you said any of these lately?

“Here is my business card. Our website is pretty old, but we’re going to update it soon.”
“Who around here has the passwords and usernames for our social media accounts?”
“Why are our competitors always above us in Google Search Results?”

​​"Why don't we have very many good reviews on Google and Facebook?"
“When was the last time we got a new lead from our website?”

You know it’s important to have a professional online presence.  At one point you probably spent a lot of money to build or update your website. But you probably haven't paid much attention to it since.

Maybe you hired an intern, family member, or recent college grad to “do” your marketing, but they left or got promoted and nobody picked up where they left off.  Or you might have a “marketing” person on staff, but they only have time to support the sales department with presentations, brochures, and proposals.

You might have even talked to some traditional advertising agencies and realized they could probably help, but when it came to what they would do, how long it would take, and what would it cost, things got a little murky.

Our approach is different. We “Do It For You” with comprehensive marketing services for a set monthly fee.  All of our programs include fundamentals like building or redesigning a new website.  But we also nurture and maintain your site for you with ongoing new content, technical updates, security, and SEO best practices to continuously improve your search results.

We also link your site to the rest of the top online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (plus others like Pinterest and Instagram if relevant for your business) and we nurture those accounts too with a steady stream of original content.

Whether you just want to look professional to prospective customers or employees who are “kicking your tires” or if you also want to gain a steady stream of new leads and phone calls generated from Google searches that lead to your website, we can help.

Some of our current clients...

GSS Construction St. Louis

Is your business serious about
systems and results in your marketing?

If you're ready to get serious about continuity, consistency and results in your marketing, you need an experienced professional to help you build and deploy a marketing system to land your new best customers.

I’ve succeeded in the elite levels of corporate B2C marketing and in the trenches of B2B. I roll up my sleeves with my clients and together we elevate their message, their content, and their revenue.  My business is building your business.

"Tom Shipley is a great marketer who knows how to use all social media tools. He has had a wide variety of experiences on all levels of client size and scope. I worked with Tom at both Anheuser-Busch and Cole-Dalton and can attest to his skill and business building expertise."

Bob Lachky, President RCL Group.  Formerly EVP, Global Industry & Creative Development at Anheuser-Busch

"Tom is a strategic thinker and outstanding problem solver. I've had the privilege of working with him for over 15 years and would recommend Tom in all capacities and areas of business management. He is an exceptional leader and would be an incredible asset to any business team. Tom Shipley is a must for your next business challenge."

Chase McKeague, Principal at Chase and Company. Formerly Chairman of NSI/Ansira


Tom Shipley is the founder and principal of Cole-Dalton Marketing Services (CDMS).

Tom honed his marketing talents working his way up the ranks at Anheuser-Busch (A-B), the world’s largest brewer. His roles there included Director of Marketing Operations, Senior Director of Marketing for Budweiser, and Senior Director of Digital Media for the entire 144+ brand portfolio.

In 2010, Tom left A-B and leapt into the “startup” world to build his own marketing consultancy. He has helped clients in a wide variety of industries including automotive, real estate, manufacturing, politics, construction, and software-as-a-service(SaaS).

By combining the strategic marketing acumen he gained at A-B with the startup attitude to “do it yourself” whenever possible, CDMS has become a valuable “turnkey” solution for small to mid-size business clients. In-house services include strategic planning, website development, SEO, reputation management, CRM, content strategy, and video production.

Duct Tape Marketing is a strategic marketing methodology built specifically for and proven in thousands of small businesses. I have extensive training in these methods and leverage the Duct Tape Marketing consultant network to extend the power of my business.


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